HLTAID007 Provide Advanced Resuscitation

HLTAID007 Provide Advanced Resuscitation

This course is designed for those that have a need to deliver oxygen to breathing patients and ventilate non-breathing patients with oxygen.  Also to have the ability to give pain killing gases.  This course conforms to the Australian Resuscitation Council.

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Book with Business Wise First Aid Training for

  • Paramedic Trainer
  • Nationally accredited
  • Customised to your workplace needs
  • Includes use of Defibrillator
  • Very practical and hands on
  • Fun, relaxed and interesting

This course covers advanced life support and management of a casualty until the arrival of medical aid.  At the end of this course you will have the knowledge and skills to provide an advanced level of resuscitation in oxygen to support the casualty or casualties until the arrival of medical assistance.

HLTAID007 Provide Advanced Resuscitation

Course content includes:

  •  Resuscitation techniques
  • Attach and operate an AED-Defibrillation
  • Administer oxygen
  • Operate suction equipment
  • Restore and maintain equipment
  • Principles of First Aid
  • Use of pain reducing gases
  • Infection risks
  • Resuscitation (DRSABCD)
  •  Choking
  • Advanced Oxygen Resuscitation
  • Chronic Airway Limitation
  • Oropharyngeal airways
  • Scenarios and hands on Practice

Participants receive

Provide Advance Resuscitation Manual
Laminated certificate
Advanced Resuscitation certificate is valid for one year.